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Benefits of Sport:

What are ACE's

Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE's are prolonged traumatic life events that occur during early childhood development. These traumatic experiences create developmental "scars" that are expressed during early childhood through adolescence and have been linked to health issues much later in life.

Distress kills learning, when chronic anxiety or anger intrude on a childs life, less capacity is available in working memory to process learning. Once the Body, Mind, Brain connection is restored learning can begin to take place.

How Do Sports Heal ACE's?

"Sports gave me a purpose, it gave me a direction in life, something to do with my time and to focus on instead of getting into trouble with the people around me. I learned what discipline was and how important it is to success and what it meant to make a commitment to myself and others."

Michael Bell

Former NFL running back Denver Broncos


Bell Fitness

Give the Gift of Sport

Studies have shown for every $1 spent on a distressed childs well being there is a 7 fold return to society through out their lifetime; Increased earning potential = more tax dollars, less reliance on government assistance and reduction of incarceration rates.


Give the gift of sport and change a kids life forever!

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