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1. Download the questionnaire below that is right for you (single or married)

2. Fill out the questionnaire (open with Adobe PDF and the form will be fill-able, DO NOT print and hand write)

3. Email the questionnaire to Bevang.azcldp@gmail.com with the subject “Completed Estate Plan Questionnaire”

4. Receive the completed Estate Plan to the email you provided

5. Have the Estate Plan Document notarized with your 2 listed witnesses at the notary of your choice

6. Keep your will and 2 copies in a safe location that your loved ones can access upon your passing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal Representative?

Your Personal Representative (PR) is a person you nominate to administer your estate once you have passed.  A PR does not have to be related to you nor do they have to be someone who inherits from your passing.  It is important when nominating a PR that you select someone whom you trust would be competent in administering your estate.

Can the personal representative be a minor?

A minor is not eligible to act as a PR because the duty entails the filing of court papers.

Can Husband and Wife have different guardians of minors?

Yes, but only for children from previous marriages and only if the spouse has not legally adopted those children.

How detailed should distribution of assets be?

Distribution instructions should be limited to cash assets a person has at the time of their passing. This can be done by assigning a percentage amount or a total dollar amount, per beneficiary. Accounts such as bank, retirement, or life insurance policies should not be details here since those will be assumed by the beneficiary designations.  Additionally, we have provide a page for each applicant to handwrite, the distribution of any personal possessions. 

Can husband and wife distribute differently?

Spouses are entitled to 50% of all community property and 100% of any property they owned prior to the marriage.  Each person may distribute their ownership however they think best.

Caveat: In the case of a home owned as community property, a spouse who dies first may convey their 50% ownership to their beneficiary of choice, however, the beneficiary may not inherit until after the home is sold or the surviving spouse dies.

Can husband and wife have different witnesses?

Spouses may have different witnesses, however, to simplify the process it is suggested that the witnesses remain the same people.

Can the Power of Attorney be a minor?

The POA agent may not be a minor because the duties will likely entail the handling of sensitive documents and transactions.

Should the Power of Attorney be my spouse?

We have set up our packages making the spouse the first POA agent and the named agents to act should your spouse decline or is unable to act in that capacity.

Should the Power of Attorney be someone not be named in the will?

Your POA agent should be someone whom you trust will act in your best interest, regardless whether they are named in your will or not.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email Be Vang Licensed Document Preparation at Bevang.azcldp@gmail.com.

(Best completed from a computer)