Building Confidence

Building Confidence in ones self is an important step in development. A confident person doesn't feel the need to put down or pick on others and conversely help build others up. A confident person has reduced anxiety due to the comfort they feel with themselves. Confidence in ability is gained through repetition. If you were to pick up a chain saw for the first time you would be filled with anxiety and trepidation, now if you handled that chainsaw for a year you would be more confident with it, Handle it for 10 years and your confidence would be through the roof.  Once the ability to be confident has been learned it can be transferred to other areas in life. How does this pertain to sports? Coaches and teammates are instrumental in the development of confidence. They are many times the only positive role model in a child’s life is the coach on their sports team. Children with no direction tend to gravitate to other kids without direction which leads to joining gangs or getting in trouble. Sports teams are the positive environment which develops positive minds.

We at AzCC believes that confidence is an attribute that is crucial to becoming successful in life, and that the key to building confidence is the repetition of over coming difficulties. Through sports, a child will be exposed to many difficulties that in order to progress will have to be overcome.

More info about how sports build confidence can be found at the links below.

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